Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Watch What You Say - Review

Idgie Says:
My first thought when I started reading this book is that it must be exhausting to see colors/images with every word you hear - talk about over stimulation of the senses! 

But when someone from Bo's past kidnaps her husband with plans to publicly humiliate and ruin her life, this particular life skill comes in handy.  She knows when her madman is telling the truth or when her words start to send him closer to the edge of reason. Then the torture of her husband starts....

Very twisty book, and at almost 400 pages, you get to experience a lot of them!


To what lengths will a woman go to save her family? Web-radio personality Bo Riccardi is pushed beyond her mental and physical limits when her husband, Oscar, is kidnapped by a man from her dark past. The abductor commands her to interview him live on her show, with Oscar’s life on the line.

Giving in, though, creates an endless nightmare for Bo, as Oscar’s captor begins to destroy her career and alienate everybody she loves.

Bo’s secret asset is chromesthesia, seeing colorful shapes that reveal the intentions behind anyone’s speech. She can literally watch what they say. But relying too much on this gift renders her vulnerable to the madman’s purpose, making her even less likely to rescue Oscar—and escape the guilt and shame that binds her to the kidnapper.

Available on November 5, 2019 in print, ebook, and audiobook formats. Ebook pre-ordering available now.

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