Monday, February 20, 2023

Charm City Rocks - Matthew Norman

I love this guy.  I really do.  His books are thoughtful, but at the same time amuse the hell out of me.    Matthew specializes in taking normal people, throwing them in somewhat..but not too much...uncomfortable situations that somehow make you laugh and think at the same time.  It's a special skill. 

This is Norman's 5th book and I'm along for the ride, however many books he puts out in the world.

I wouldn't use the word "cozy" for these stories, but you do get the warm feels.

  • Dell Publishing
  • June 6th, 2023
  • Pre-orders available now - at a surprisingly nice price!

When a single dad meets the former rock-star crush of his youth, everything they thought they knew about happiness and love is thrown into chaos in this hopeful, heartwarming romantic comedy.

Billy Perkins is happy. No, for real. It’s kind of his thing, actually. And why wouldn’t he be? He loves his job as an independent music teacher and his apartment in Baltimore above a record shop called Charm City Rocks. Most of all, he loves his brainy teenage son, Caleb. Although not the world’s most traditional parent, Billy has plenty to teach his son about art and manhood before Caleb goes off to college.

Margot Hammer, on the other hand, is far from happy. The former drummer of the once-famous rock band Burnt Flowers, she’s now a rock-and-roll recluse living alone in New York City. When a new music documentary suddenly puts Margot back in the spotlight, she begins to realize how much she misses her old band and the music that gave her life meaning.  

Billy has always had a crush on Margot. But she’s a legitimate rock star—or, at least, she was—so he never thought he’d meet her. Until Caleb, worried that his easygoing dad might actually be lonely, cooks up a scheme to get Margot to perform at Charm City Rocks.

It’s the longest of long shots, but Margot’s label has made it clear that
any publicity is an opportunity she can’t afford to miss. When their paths collide, Billy realizes that he maybe wasn’t as happy as he thought—and Margot learns that sometimes the sweetest music is a duet.

Monday, August 22, 2022

The Ferryman

I was quite excited to read a new Justin Cronin novel, as the last one I read was a few years ago.  What I was relieved to find was that this novel is quite a bit different from The Passage series. Sometimes authors fall into a popular style/topic and remain there.  Not here though.  At first, when I read the description, I joked that it was Logan's Run but better, but it turned out to be so much more.  

I do have to admit that there were a few murky chapters where you just needed to read them through without trying to analyze what was actually going on, but as with many sci-fi novels, if you can create new worlds in your mind, this is prone to happen at times.  

No worries though, it all clarifies in the end.  A nice chunky novel to immerse yourself into another world for a while.  

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews


Summer never truly begins until Mary Kay sends her newest beach book out into the world. I was extremely pleased when this ARC showed up on my doorstep and once again Mary Kay doesn't disappoint.  

The only disappointment I had with the novel is that Mary Kay writes BIG books and there was no way I could sneak reads of it in at work. 9 or 10 hours a day where I couldn't find out what was happening in Hattie's life!



Summer begins with Mary Kay Andrews, in this delightful summer read about flipping houses, and finding true love.

Hattie Kavanaugh went to work restoring homes for Kavanaugh & Son Restorations at eighteen, married the boss’s son at twenty, and became a widow at twenty-five. Now, she’s passionate about her work, but that’s the only passion in her life. “Never love something that can’t love you back,” is advice her father-in-law gives her, but Hattie doesn’t follow it and falls head-over-heels for a money pit of a house. She’s determined to make it work, but disaster after disaster occurs, and Hattie’s dream might cost Kavanaugh & Son their livelihood. Hattie needs money, and fast.

When a slick Hollywood producer shows up in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: star in a beach house renovation reality show called The Homewreckers, cast against a male lead who may be a love interest, or may be the ultimate antagonist. Soon, there’s more at stake than bad pipes and dry rot: during the demolition, evidence comes to light that points to the mysterious disappearance of a young wife and mother years before.

With a burned out detective investigating the case, an arsonist on the loose, two men playing with her emotions, and layers upon layers of vintage wallpaper causing havoc, it's a question of who will flip, who will flop, and if Hattie will ever get her happily-ever-after.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Maggie Moves On - Lucy Score

I've been a big fan of Lucy Score for several years now and always grab her books when they come out.  I tend to buy the physical copies of the ones I enjoyed the most and have 11 so far.  This book will definitely be #12 when it publishes.  

Lucy has a way of creating the most likable/lovable characters, even the grumpy ones make you chuckle.  My husband says he can always tell when I'm reading a Lucy book because I'm almost always smiling. Makes it hard to sneak in any reading at work.  

Without giving away any of the plot, let's just say that this book is about creating a wonderful family without even knowing you really needed or wanted one.  The people that you surround yourself with in your daily life are your family.  

Out in June!