Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Old Success - Review

Idgie Says:

This looked to be a fun mystery, but unfortunately it reminded me of too many other stories.  The plot, actions and even some of the characters reminded me of many other books.  

There were also times when the story wandered off, offering too much unneeded detail, padding the pages. 

Not a winner for me, but again please remember, a reviewer's opinion is just that.  

If you're a fan of Martha's writing, this may be a great read to you.


Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press (November 5, 2019)

When the body of a French woman washes up on a wild inlet off the Cornish coast, Brian Macalvie, divisional commander with the Devon-Cornwall police is called in. Who could have killed this beautiful tourist, the only visible footprints nearby belonging to the two little girls who found her?

While Macalvie stands in the Scilly Islands, inspector Richard Jury–twenty miles away on Land’s End―is at The Old Success pub, sharing a drink with the legendary former CID detective Tom Brownell, a man renowned for solving every case he undertook. Except one.

In the days following the mysterious slaying of the Parisian tourist, two other murders take place: first, a man is shot on a Northhamptonshire estate, then a holy duster turns up murdered at Exeter Cathedral in Devon. Macalvie, Jury and Bronwell set out to discover whether these three killings, though very different in execution, are connected.