Tuesday, November 5, 2019

My Drunk Kitchen Holidays! - Review

Idgie Says:
 I love this book!  This is a fun, smart, sassy and irreverent book. Not just about cooking, but also crafts, life goals and generally funny statements.  From creating Garlic-Ass Mashed Potatoes to making a Jesus Egg that you can either eat or drain (urp), to achieving goals and why you can't drink as much when you get older  - the entire book is filled with humor while still being helpful!

This would be a great Christmas present for a cookbook collector.


New York Times bestselling author and Food Network
star Hannah Hart is back with her biggest book ever: a humorous holiday cookbook celebrating year-round festivities with food, drink, and friends.
In a world where everyone is looking for some good news and something to celebrate, Hannah Hart is there with almost fifty ideas, arranged into twelve months of themes and recipes for how to celebrate with family and friends.

A collection of recipes, activities, and suggestions about hilarious and joyous ways to celebrate with family, friends, pets, and your entire community, My Drunk Kitchen Holidays! will commemorate holidays from Valentine's Day to Graduation, Pride Month and International Left-Handers’ Day (really!). The book will culminate with the fall holidays that get much deserved attention: recipes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a celebration of Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Christmas that is festive, inclusive, and incredibly hilarious.

October, 2019