Friday, November 15, 2013

In Pursuit

In Pursuit
Author: Sharman Burson Ramsey
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publication Date: September 4, 2013

Book Description:
Creek half-breed and survivor of the Creek Indian War, Joie Kincaid and the nemesis she rescued from certain death after the Massacre at Fort Mims are kidnapped from a tea room in London. Joie awakens with amnesia--after having been struck on the head--to find herself in the hold of a ship sailing to the pirate Gasparilla's lair in Charlotte Harbour and bound to a man she finds strangely familiar.

To save himself and Joie, the preeminent scholar Godfrey Lewis Winkel is forced to take heroic action. As a story of passion unfolds between the two, Joie Kincaid must overcome a childhood of abuse and rejection to accept love she had never known. Together they weather the tempests of pirates, illness, the Seminole War, family vendetta, and a hurricane to find their way to each other and a love neither could have imagined.

IN PURSUIT continues the family saga begun in SWIMMING WITH SERPENTS, a story of love, war, and redemption set against the Creek Indian War.

Idgie Says:
This is a romance/historical fiction novel that has all you need to swoon over handsome men, beautiful women and to lose yourself for a few hours in pirates, Indian lore and a bit of British history.  I considered it a bit of a throwback "smart romance" in that the author use real historical facts mixed with exciting fiction, but that it's written in the more simplistic wording and style of a lot of romances from the 70's and 80's. It definitely seemed dated in it's styling to me.

Not a great read, but one you could still easily while away a rainy afternoon in front of the fire with.