Monday, November 18, 2013


N. G. Osborne
Cranham & Keith Books
November, 2013

"The Second Book of Refuge"

Idgie Says:
Finally! The minute the first book ended in such a cliffhanger fashion I have been twiddling my fingers and waiting.  I have been in angst wondering what happens next with Charlie and Noor. 

Then I was lucky enough to receive an advance manuscript and  but couldn't say anything about it as it was not yet published. Torture! 

Speaking of torture - this book is not for the weak of stomach.   This is the Middle East and there is a war against - and with - the Taliban.  I've read the book now - and people, it's not pretty. As with the first book, there are moments you wince, squint, try to look away or just tear up as wonderful people are wounded, tortured - physically and emotionally - or killed in front of loved ones. 

But it's not over yet - there's obviously another book out there! Without giving too much away, Charlie and Noor are thousands of miles apart - on separate sides of the world and both have prices on their heads - but their love remain strong and you can only hope they stay alive long enough to find each other once more. 
A gripping story that I can't wait to continue.

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Book Description:
Noor has been flown to Saudi Arabia to begin her life as a Princess. Charlie has been deported from Pakistan and sent home bruised and battered to the United States. 

For each of them there is a temptation - however dire it may seem. For Noor, who believes Charlie's dead, it is accepting her new situation and assimilating into the Prince's family as best she can. For Charlie, it is coming to terms with the massive improbability of ever seeing Noor again and moving on. 

But neither can do that. Noor yearns to be free, while Charlie yearns to free her. And so despite incredible odds, each sets a plan in a motion to achieve their goal, and in turn, they will test their love's very resilience