Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Odds of You and Me

https://i.harperapps.com/covers/9780062434852/y648.pngIdgie Says:
Bird is an overly young mother who made  desperate and poor choices to keep her small child fed.  She's been paying for those choices for 2 years now, but her probation is almost over and she's ready to move out of her overbearing mother's house and take her son to their own home. To start fresh.

But 2 weeks shy of probation ending she runs into a man that helped her in her time of need and now seems to be running from his own poor decisions.  Does she keep her nose clean or try to help someone that might pull her down again?

This is not a light book, it's mired in dark moments and the story takes it's time coming into itself. You understand Bird, her decisions and her overwhelming need to simply be loved by someone. 


William Morrow
January 27, 2017

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About the Book

In the vein of Meg Donohue and Sarah Jio, Cecilia Galante’s second novel delivers the powerful story of one young woman who’s faced with an impossible choice—one that could have her making the biggest mistake of her life.

Thirteen days. That’s all Bernadette, “Bird,” Sincavage has left to go until she’s done with her probation and can be free again. Free from making payments to the supermarket she wrote bad checks to. Free from living at home with her overzealous mother who’s constantly nagging her about attending church again. Free to give her four-year-old son, Angus, the normal life he deserves. Her impending freedom and move to Moon Lake, where she’s plunked down a deposit on a brand new apartment, is so close she can almost taste it. What trouble could she possibly get into in just thirteen days?

But trouble does follow in the form of James Rittenhouse—someone she worked with a few years ago. At first, Bird is stunned to see James make the evening news when he’s arrested for assaulting someone in a local bar. But that’s nothing compared to the shock she gets when she discovers James hiding out in an abandoned church choir loft. Somehow he escaped police custody, broke his leg, and got his hand on a gun, which he’s now pointing at her.

Although Bird doesn’t tell anyone she saw James, there’s no way she’s helping him. She can’t screw up her probation or her second chance for a new future. And she has her son’s welfare to think about. Still. If only she could stop thinking about the terrified look in James’ eyes and the fact that he’s hurt. If only she could forget that once, long ago, James helped her out, and she owes him a debt like no other.

Will Bird jeopardize her future for someone who helped her out in the past? A past that holds secrets she’s not quite sure she’s ready to face? Or will she turn a blind eye and learn to live with the consequences?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

#SV2017 Coming Up!!!

Just a reminder folks - next weekend I will be at Hoover's Southern Voices - a FANTASTIC festival for authors and readers. Will you be there? Follow this link for this year's line-up. http://todaysdeepsouth.blogspot.com/…/southern-voices-festi…

Here's my write-up of last year's event. http://todaysdeepsouth.blogspot.com/…/southern-voices-festi…

To show you just how fantastic it is - click on this link to watch a few videos from last year's festival. http://todaysdeepsouth.blogspot.com/…/hoovers-southern-voic…

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The Weight of Him - Spotlight and Excerpt

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (February 14, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250092124
ISBN-13: 978-1250092120

In this uplifting book, Rohan writes in the distinct voice of Big Billy Brennan—an overweight father who has an emotional dependency on food. When he tragically loses his son to suicide, however, the solace he once found in eating disappears. He decides to embark on a public weight loss campaign to raise money for suicide prevention, setting out to redeem himself and save his family by losing half of his 400 lbs.
THE WEIGHT OF HIM is the perfect feel-good novel to curl up with this winter. It’s about people putting themselves back together and becoming their best selves, whole and at peace. Ethel says: “So many people suffer, in ways small and in ways crushing…Ultimately, I wrote THE WEIGHT OF HIM as a call for love—love of others, love of ourselves.”
At four hundred pounds, Billy Brennan can always count on food. From his earliest memories, he has loved food’s colors, textures and tastes. The way flavors go off in his mouth. How food keeps his mind still and his bad feelings quiet. Food has always made everything better, until the day Billy’s beloved son Michael takes his own life.
Billy determines to make a difference in Michael’s memory and undertakes a public weight-loss campaign, to raise money for suicide prevention—his first step in an ambitious plan to save himself, and to save others. However, Billy’s dramatic crusade appalls his family, who want to simply try to go on.
Despite his crushing detractors, Billy gains welcome allies: his community-at-large; a co-worker who lost his father to suicide; a filmmaker with his own dubious agenda; and a secret, miniature kingdom that Billy populates with the sub-quality dolls and soldiers he rescues from disposal at the local toy factory where he works. But it is only if Billy can confront the truth of his pain, suffering, and the brokenness around him, that he and others will be able to realize the full rescue and change they need.
Set in rural, contemporary Ireland, The Weight of Him is an unforgettable, big-hearted novel about loss and reliance that moves from tragedy to recrimination to what can be achieved when we take the stand of our lives.

Ethel Rohan is the author of two story collections, Goodnight Nobody and Cut Through the Bone, the former longlisted for The Edge Hill Prize and the latter longlisted for The Story Prize. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, World Literature Today, GUERNICA Magazine, Tin House Online,The Rumpus, and many more. Born and raised in Ireland, she lives in San Francisco.

Read a Chapter Excerpt Below:


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Red Platoon - Spotlight

Red Platoon
A True Story of American Valor
by Clinton Romesha
Pub Date


The King of Bourbon Street - Review

Idgie Says:
This book is a bit on the crude/in your face side, but in general is a story of two very, very wealthy people who are looking for do-overs in their lives.  Sol has led a wild existence and starting to wonder if this is all he'll ever have, and Arianna is running away from her over-controlling mother after purposely creating a sex tape to get out of a forced family marriage/merger.  

Savor a LOVEL-E treat for Valentine’s Day, The King of Bourbon Street by Thea de Salle (Pocket Star EBook; February 13, 2017; 9781501156076; Romance)!

About the book:
Thirty-seven-year-old Sol DuMont is a divorcee and the owner of a mid-sized hotel chain in New Orleans. Since Hurricane Katrina, his father’s death, and the decision that he and his ex-wife Maddy are far better off friends than lovers, he’s lost interest in almost everything he held dear—parties, people, and pushing limits. All his limits.

Then Arianna Barrington checks into his hotel. Twenty-four-year-old Arianna “Rain” Barrington could have been society’s sweetheart. Her family is moneyed, connected press darlings, and make sweeping headlines from coast to coast for reasons both good and bad. But when her mother shoves her at Charles Harwood—the obnoxious, entitled heir of Harwood Corp—to cement a billion-dollar business merger, Rain does the only thing she can think of to escape: she creates a scandal so big Harwood doesn’t want her anymore before fleeing to New Orleans for much-needed rest and relaxation.

All she wants is jazz piano, beignets, and to sail the Mississippi. What she gets is Sol DuMont, a whirlwind affair, and a hands-on education in sex, power play, and pushing limits. All her limits.

About the author:
Thea de Salle is the pseudonym of a New York Times bestselling author spinning sweet, naughty, funny kissing stories with her best friend. Thea’s handlers live in South Shore Massachusetts with a small army of furry, short-legged creatures. Their collective interests are books, jewelry, makeup, travel, and oodles of inappropriate humor. You can find Thea on Twitter and Tumblr.

Note: Look for Book 2, The Queen of Dauphine Street (5/15) and Book 3, The Lady of Royale Street (7/3)!