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Jasper's War and information on Operation: Next Chapter

Idgie Says:
International intrigue and spy games intertwined into a novel that helps real life soldiers when you purchase a copy.  Really, what could be better? 
Rosemary Beach Press LLC
(March 1, 2014)
352 pages
ISBN: 978-0991491308
Greenwich, Connecticut socialite Jaspar Moran has it all-a magnificent estate, two beautiful children and a loving husband, Trevor, serving as the Secretary of the Treasury. Protected, admired and living in the lap of luxury, Jaspar is reeling from the news that his government jet has crashed just as her children vanish without a trace. An ominous message warns her to keep silent about her husband's role in the President's economic plan. Or else.

 Determined to save her children, she'll go to hell and back, form alliances with assassins, traitors and Mafioso, and commit unspeakable acts-if that's what it takes. With alarms sounding around the world, hunted from all sides, and unsure of who to trust, she finds herself depending on a mysterious figure without an identity. Jaspar journeys from the Australian outback to the palazzos of Rome, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, and to the magnificence of the Vatican, in her quest.

Can she rescue her children before the plot to crash the global economy is unleashed?

Lowell, a Vietnam Vet who travels the world as an international tax attorney gives back to the men and women who have served America with every sale of his thriller, and the initiative he created called OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER. Through this program, he is offering hope to the hopeless, light to those who cannot see, and ability back to our wounded warriors in helping to rebuild their lives.
He donates ALL PROFITS – 100 percent including printing costs -- from the sale of the book, to a nonprofit organization who helps injured warriors returning from war. Through his initiative, OPERATION: Next Chapter, he has raised more than $16,000 and has provided more than 100 voice-activated laptops to Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT program. These laptops are for the severely wounded or injured who are not able to use their hands.

______________________________________________ YORK, Dec. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a great way to put holiday spending into appropriate context while accelerating this wonderful day of caring by helping those far less fortunate and truly in need of our generosity.
Cym Lowell, author of "Jaspar's War" and creator of OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER, has much to be thankful for: a devoted wife, wonderful children, beautiful, healthy grandchildren, and great, personal success beyond whatever he dreamed possible early in life. For Lowell, it truly is a wonderful life.
"We all have dreams," says Lowell, "which need to be real and achievable. When dreams end, so does life. My goal is to make sure every soldier, Marine, airman and sailor on the waiting list receives a laptop. We all know how essential it is to have a computer in the world of today. 

In less than six months, and with the generosity of other nonprofit organizations and corporate businesses that supported OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER, more than 66 laptops have been provided to the 200 wounded warriors currently on the waiting list. 

"We are honored to be working with Cym, a true 'hero' who knows the meaning of giving and continues to give from his heart," said Jennifer Cernoch, Ph.D., vice president of Operations, Soldiers Angels'.

For Lowell, Giving Tuesday is an all-year affair. Anyone who wants to contribute to OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER and help provide a computer -- and through it, access to the world -- to a deserving disabled vet, can find more information about this program at

PATRIOT PAWS SERVICE DOGS is a new addition to the ONC initiative and supports wounded warriors by training service dogs. Lowell learned about the great need for specially trained service dogs after talking with the wounded warriors he met through Soldiers’ Angels. These service dogs help our returning heroes healing from mobile disabilities and PTS regain physical and emotional independence. For wounded warriors working through PTS, this program has become another area of support for veterans, but is a program that goes unfunded by the Veterans Administration. Cym is excited to support Patriot PAWS and continue helping wounded warriors across the country.

Links for both charitable organizations below!

OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER is an initiative developed by Vietnam veteran and author Cym Lowell to support the men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom in the Armed Forces. Lowell donates 100 percent of the proceeds from Lowell’s books to support the Soldiers’ Angels Valour-IT program and the Patriot PAWS Service Dogs organization.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two Lovely British Suspense Novels

Idgie Says:
A great suspense novel about a family who has had the horror of one of their identical twins dying in an accident, tearing the family apart.   The husband disappears into a life of drinking and the wife tries desperately to hang on to normalcy.  But then the remaining daughter starts to insist she is actually the daughter that died and that the parents have confused them.  Her personality starts to slowly  morph into the other girl's and even the dog begin to treat her more in the manner it treated the dead girl. 

Could they be mistaken?  What is going on?  

Things don't help when to save money they move to an abandoned island, taking on an old inherited house, cut off from the world.  

Many twists and turns in this book, with a very unexpected ending!

The Ice Twins
S.K. Tremayne
Grand Central Publishing
May 19 2015

Book Description:
In the tradition of The Girl on the Train comes the UK bestseller THE ICE TWINS, a terrifying psychological thriller with a twisting plot worthy of Gillian Flynn.

One of Sarah's daughters died. But can she be sure which one?

A year after one of their identical twin daughters, Lydia, dies in an accident, Angus and Sarah Moorcroft move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his grandmother, hoping to put together the pieces of their shattered lives.

But when their surviving daughter, Kirstie, claims they have mistaken her identity--that she, in fact, is Lydia--their world comes crashing down once again.

As winter encroaches, Angus is forced to travel away from the island for work, Sarah is feeling isolated, and Kirstie (or is it Lydia?) is growing more disturbed. When a violent storm leaves Sarah and her daughter stranded, they are forced to confront what really happened on that fateful day.

Idgie Says:
This is a lovely English suspense story where a woman quite on her own and not sure who to trust suddenly finds herself embroiled in a 20 year possible murder mystery - that could end up affecting herself and her child if she's not careful.  Who can she trust - and really, should she just keep her head down and pretend to know nothing?

As the bodies begin to be discovered via newspaper obituaries in addition to actual bodies in the woods, the mystery takes a very ugly turn.  Who is killing people from an event that happened 20 years ago, why are they doing it, and who is next?

The Child Garden
Catriona McPherson
Hardcover: 336 pages
Midnight Ink (September 8, 2015)
Book Description:

Eden was its name. "An alternative school for happy children." But it closed in disgrace after a student's suicide. Now it's a care home, its grounds neglected and overgrown. Gloria Harkness is its only neighbor, staying close to her son who lives there in the home, lighting up her life and breaking her heart each day.

When a childhood friend turns up at her door, Gloria doesn't hesitate before asking him in. He claims a girl from Eden is stalking him and has goaded him into meeting her at the site of the suicide. Only then, the dead begin to speak—it was murder, they say.

Gloria is in over her head before she can help it. Her loneliness, her loyalty, and her all-consuming love for her son lead her into the heart of a dark secret that threatens everything she lives for.

Girl of my Dreams

For lovers of a good Hollywood story.  The glamor, glitz, heartache and betrayal of living the Big Screen life!


Open Road Distribution
May 19, 2015

Book Description: 
A sweeping novel of Hollywood in the 1930s, Girl of My Dreams captures the essence of the Golden Age, when Hollywood became the global fantasy capital it remains today.

Screenwriter: The protagonist, Owen Jant, is a young screenwriter who comes of age in the 1930s at the intersection of Hollywood, the Depression, and the heyday of the Communist Party. At every turn, he is finding, and losing, his way.

Hollywood star: The glamorous Palmyra Millevoix—complex, gifted, mysterious—is a star more agitated than pleased by her fame. She could have been Grushenka, siren of the Karamazov saga, if she had not been a Hollywood star.

Studio mogul: Founder of Jubilee Pictures, Mossy Zangwill is not the last tycoon but the last of the old-style chieftains and first of the corporate moderns, clawing his way from a fatherless home in the Bronx to become by his midthirties a rival to the Warners and Mayers, reigning kings of Hollywood. He would resemble Gatsby if Gatsby had gone west.

Propelled by the suicide of an innocent victim of studio politics, Owen falls in wacky, unpromising love with Palmyra, who in turn is relentlessly pursued by Mossy, the autocratic studio head. The drawing and redrawing of the triangle between screenwriter, star, and tycoon—intense, devious, seductive, combative—frames the education of Owen Jant. The story has an epic sweep that encompasses the swagger and flash of 1930s Hollywood and the Great Depression’s plunder of the American dream.

The cast of characters, like the narrative, is expansive: Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, the Prince of Wales, Edward G. Robinson, and the gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Walter Winchell all show up. So do murder, riot, sex, conspiracy, and deception. In the shocking climax to Girl of My Dreams, Owen Jant himself, not without paying a high price, at last climbs the ladder to maturity.

In part, Girl of My Dreams is lurid, juicy, and scandal driven. In part, it paints, as Michael Chabon did in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, an American era in bold strokes.

About the Author

Peter Davis is an acclaimed author and filmmaker whose writing has won praise from Graham Greene, John Irving, Robert Stone, and William Styron. He covered the war in Iraq for the Nation and was a contributing editor for Esquire. He spent eighteen months traveling among the poorest Americans for If You Came This Way, the title of which is from a poem by T. S. Eliot. Davis’s films have won many prizes, and he received an Academy Award for his documentary on the Vietnam War, Hearts and Minds.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Beach Town

Idgie Says:

A fun read, perfect for the beach, pool, or rainy afternoon. 

What happens when a film crew rolls in from L.A. and takes over a sleepy Florida Beach town that hasn't seen new people since the paper mill closed down? 

The story involves the behind the scenes action of a film production set in a small dying Florida town.  We have snotty stars, mega-ego directors, film crew members and citizens trying to climb up the ladder of success, or into the pants of the director and stars.  The book has it all!

There's also some family angst and healing that needs to occur, if it can.

Add a hunky do-all mayor and a perky L.A. location scout, an incontinent dog and Mary Kay's love of antiquing slipped into the story and you have a fun, romantic beach read.  The characters kept me involved in the story and the location made me feel at home.  Perfect for my beach vacation. 
Book Description:
Greer Hennessy is a struggling movie location scout. Her last location shoot ended in disaster when a film crew destroyed property on an avocado grove. And Greer ended up with the blame.
Now Greer has been given one more chance-a shot at finding the perfect undiscovered beach town for a big budget movie. She zeroes in on a sleepy Florida panhandle town. There’s one motel, a marina, a long stretch of pristine beach and an old fishing pier with a community casino—which will be perfect for the film’s climax—when the bad guys blow it up in an all-out assault on the townspeople.

Greer slips into town and is ecstatic to find the last unspoilt patch of the Florida gulf coast. She takes a room at the only motel in town, and starts working her charm. However, she finds a formidable obstacle in the town mayor, Eben Thinadeaux. Eben is a born-again environmentalist who’s seen huge damage done to the town by a huge paper company. The bay has only recently been re-born, a fishing industry has sprung up, and Eben has no intention of letting anybody screw with his town again. The only problem is that he finds Greer way too attractive for his own good, and knows that her motivation is in direct conflict with his.

Will true love find a foothold in this small beach town before it’s too late and disaster strikes? Told with Mary Kay Andrews inimitable wit and charm, Beach Town is this year’s summer beach read!

Winner Picked - Mary Kay Andrews Giveaway!

WINNER PICKED!  Congratulations:
Joy Hoormann

I have an awesome giveaway pack available for Mary Kay Andrews' SAVE THE DATE in trade paperback and SUMMER RENTAL in mass market paperback, both of which were just released. 

Here's a list of what all will be in the fabulous goody bag:
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Gift basket will come from the publicist.

Clawed - a Gin and Tonic mystery

Idgie Says:
Sleuthing, murder mystery and side-kick intelligent pets - what could be better!
A Gin & Tonic Investigation (#4)
Pocket Books
May, 2015

Even though they’re unlicensed as investigators,  Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica have begun to make a name for themselves in solving cases. But Ginny still has her day job as an event planner, and the promise of a lucrative job draws her to Portland, with her shar-pei puppy, Georgie, in tow. Much to her shock and horror, however, she’s been led there under false pretenses— and directly into a murder case!

Though the cops warn her to keep her nose out of it, Ginny just can’t resist the itch to solve this case, and soon gets drawn into Portland’s seedy underbelly of identity theft, forgery, and of course, murder…with Teddy and his cat Penny’s devoted sleuthing…