Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Oh joy, the days of springtime when the earth begins to bloom
and gelid days of wintertime have shed their frigid gloom.
When minute buds and shoots stretch forth from their long winter sleep
and delicate, gossamer shapes buoyed by azure creep.

Grand palette splashes overnight spread hues of pink and blue,
as melodies of earth and sky in unison renew.
Awakening soil expels a host of movements,
textures, smells; as if in pregnancy's full bloom she
grows, transforms and swells.

Soft, gentle rain joins sunshine's rays to nourish, soothe, caress.
Totality of elements united to impress!
A dormant landscape, hibernation, shield from winter's wrath.
Immersed within a natural rhythm…a predestined path.

A cornucopia of pride displayed majestically.
Glad welcomed feast to be consumed, to hear, breathe, touch and see.
This present Mother Nature shares, delivered to our door.
Her precious gift of newfound life, peace, joy and hope
….once more.

Jane-Ann Heitmueller