Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a New World

Preface: In recent weeks, my 88 year old mom, no longer able to live alone due to mental and physical frailty, has become an additional resident of our household. Needless to say, our days and nights are quite different, but never boring. Afraid that in time these special events would slip from my thoughts, I decided to take pen in hand and record some of our most memorable experiences.

J.A. Heitmueller

March 26,2008

Good morning from our world of geriatric caregiving.

I just have to share the first hour of our day this beautiful Wednesday. So great to begin a brand new chilly day with a warm, hearty laugh and if this continues, as it has begun, I shall be rolling in the floor before "Sundowner's" time arrives! (Which begins between 4 and 5:30 PM)

At 7AM I head mumblings from the baby monitor, so headed downstairs to check on Mom. She was peeking from under her cozy, warm covers like a little child expecting to encounter the Boogie Man and wondering if it was time to get up yet. I told her I would warm the kitchen and be back to get her in just a few minutes. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted by the aroma of a cat "donation". Apparently Squeak, the inside cat had gotten locked in the basement last night, unable to deposit her donation in the litter box upstairs and had chosen a dark, secluded corner behind the clawfoot bathtub. I think she had taken a dose of Exlax...'nuf said. Got that cleaned up , went back to get Mom dressed and ready for her breathing treatment and breakfast. As she sat there picking at her oatmeal, while attempting to remember what her former home looked like and what day it was, I heard a terrible rumbling from the center of the house that grew louder each second and seemed to go on endlessly... Ray had tumbled down the attic stairs from our bedroom! I Left Mom at the table in her state of fogginess, 'midst the lingering cat aroma (mixed with fresh bleach fumes) and sprinted to check on the commotion. I reached the foot of the stairs about the same time that he "landed" and was greeted by a rather frazzled, wide eyed, pale, underwear clad husband who wondered just what in the world had "besot" him at this early morning hour. Other than a pinky toe, which now turns toward 3 o'clock, rather than 12 o'clock, he seems to be no worse for the damage. When I went back to the kitchen my nose detected another scent... hmmmmm... "something" burning. I had forgotten and left the broiler on when I made Mom's toast. Scurried to turn off the broiler and there... "Opie", another cat... (the house is full of them it seems) was entertaining herself joyfully on this spring morning by decorating the stovetop and surrounding floor with the remnants of her vicious attack on a roll of paper towels. She was having such a gleeful time that I couldn't bring myself to scold her or remove her wonderful toy. After all, vacuum cleaners are marvelous devices for clearing away such mischief. Mom kept asking where Ray went and if he was mad and had left the house because she was living here. About that time the Hospice nurse called and cheerfully asked how our day was going...I burst out laughing and haven't stopped yet!

Have a great day...we are.