Sunday, March 23, 2008

Me and several of my friends like to meet up at the kudzu bar on Thursdays. It's kinda like "thank god it's almost friday" combined with the karma that is distinctly womanhood, southern style. We are rednecks, hear us roar! Beer is only a buck so we can afford to kick back and catch up with each others' lives. I wouldn't trade that meeting for all the address books in China. We talk about who's done us wrong at work and what the kids are up to. Sometimes we even pick up our Avon orders and ooh and ahh over the loot. Rarely are religion and politics involved in our discussions. Girls just wanna' have fun.

The afternoon crowd in the kudzu consists of a whole bunch of married guys who listen to each other's stories and play dominos while they're watching sports. We know exactly who to trust in that situation. More often than not their cell phone toting wives are out doing their own thangs and it's all good when they meet up at home. Nobody gets jealous because it's all about friendship. Becky runs a tight ship and knows exactly what everybody wants to drink plus what their latest drama is. It comes with the territory, ya know?

Bev mostly stays away now because she's busy doing HER own thing up in Yorkville with her parents. That girl has a set of pipes you would not believe! Started out singin' karaoke at local bars and then bought her own. I've seen a lot of talent up in there on a weekend night with Monkeyboy or Dennis on the boards. Back in the day nobody and I mean nobody would get up there with a microphone except for a few brave souls like Randall. Dang good voice too!

Occasionally a genteleman is allowed to sit with us and listen into our conversations. Helps 'em to understand their own women in an odd experimental sort of way. Poor things don't seem to have a clue what girls want outside of the other half of the rent and flowers on Valentine's day. We talk and sometimes they go away with the feeling that women aren't all manipulative wenches. We love each 'em with all our collective little southern hearts and then some.

Closing time is 3am per city law but they rarely stay open that long except on the weekends when the talent comes out to sing. It's awesome ya' should be there sometime when it all clicks.