Monday, December 26, 2016

Echoes of the Same, Intersections in an American City - Review

Idgie Says:
I love Nicki's writing.  It's real.  Her pages reflect words that we all think and share, but don't tend to say out loud.  She also is a keen observer of human nature and sees things that we may not in everyday life, opening the reader's eyes to events and feeling that might pass them by otherwise. 

So many times I find myself nodding along in agreement as my eyes follow the words on the pages. Whether she's talking about ranting while driving, gender specific toys, obituaries or keeping love alive in a marriage I'm right there with her, nodding and understanding her words. 

These essays are perfect for those short reading periods in  your day.  Just enjoy a few minutes of Nicki's thoughts and go back to everyday life........perhaps with a slightly different mindset or with your observation powers heightened.

Finally, I totally agree with Nicki on these two things - The Darth Vader theme would be an awesome wedding song to walk down the aisle to... and when I'm driving the car, I am the DJ. 

Echoes of the Same: Intersections in an American City (Volume 2)  

Paperback – November 22, 2016