Monday, July 27, 2015

Intersections,204,203,200_.jpgIdgie Says:
This is a lovely book, I'm so pleased it found it's way to me.  I consider it a thinking woman's book, filled with wise and thoughtful observations on daily life, some laugh out loud experiences that I can so relate to, and some pages that just make you think.  While there are books out there about everyday living and what you see and experience, many of Nicki's stories take it one level deeper than usual. 

Not necessarily lessons learned or things needing change -  just how she observes the world. Her visionary angles are full of introspection and often you need to give pause and simply absorb her words.

Note - this book is also available as an eBook, and as the stories are all 2 - 3 pages long, it would be perfect for your carry around electronic device for those quick breaks... or when you simply stuck in line at the DMV.  


July 12, 2015 Release Date
Sentena Books

Book Description:
Intersections are stories. I’m not a storyteller. I don’t tell stories. Stories tell me. I’ve been told I’m not Southern, because I’m not Southern by birth or ancestry. But I want to be. I’ve lived some easy striking distance from Atlanta most of my life. There were those San Francisco years. I admit it. I left and brought my heart back with me. I came back for the trees and the grass and the stories. Intersections are connections. Intersections are people. the Author
Nicki Salcedo is an Atlanta native. She is a novelist, blogger, and a working mom. Chances are good she is the room parent for your child’s class at school, and she is doing a terrible job. She has a degree in English and Creative Writing from Stanford University. Despite her West Coast education, she considers herself Southern by sensibility, if not by birth. Southern things include talking to ghosts, saying hello to strangers, and waving to drivers with nice manners. Nicki is active in Atlanta’s writing community, and her debut novel is a romantic suspense called All Beautiful Things. She loves her four kids and husband, Star Trek, football, poetry, church, romance novels. She will never ask for your permission or forgiveness. She finds something in common with just about every person she meets. That’s the untold story. That’s why she writes.