Monday, July 18, 2016

Slow Way Home, now an Audio Book

Idgie Says:
Michael is a wonderful gentleman and author with a strong Southern writing voice. He has just released an audio version of one of his more personal books and I rather wish he had narrated it himself, but I'm sure the narrator chosen will do the job just fine.

Below you will find links giving you a chance to read the first chapter of the book, and to also  hear a sample of the audio book. Additionally, there are article links below on how the writing of this novel came about and how it relates directly to Michael's boyhood.

If you haven't read any of Michael's books, you have been missing out. Here's your chance to HEAR one!  Of course, you can also always buy the book itself.  :)

Read the first chapter HERE

Follow this link to buy and also sample the audio book.

Slow Way Home

Written by: Michael Morris
Narrated by: Michael Butler Murray
Length: 9 hrs and 50 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook

Michael and his Grandparents
Rather than follow a court order to return Brandon to his troubled, drug-addicted mother, the eight-year-old's grandparents "kidnap" him and assume new identities in a turbulent Southern town-until an unexpected chain of events shakes his new community to its core and throws Brandon back into a precarious life with his mother.

Slow Way Home is a tender yet completely unsentimental tale of survival and redemption. Readers will be gripped by its pitch-perfect evocation of the South in the 1970s, when the gains of the civil rights movement were still tested at every turn.

Read Two Articles about the writing and history behind this book by following the links below.