Monday, April 11, 2016

Book 6 in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series - Spotlight and Q & A

Three Daggers Dripping

 Book 6 in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series! 

 Publisher: Hummingbird Books/John F. Blair, Publisher; 1 edition (January 3, 2016) 

Publication Date: January 3, 2016

Eight years ago, Sheila Buckworth’s ten-year-old son, Michael, disappeared with another young boy. The authorities classified them as runaways—no ransom note, no reason to believe they were abducted. Now, Sheila thinks she knows what happened to Michael and wants Donald Youngblood to prove it.

The case soon intersects with an FBI terrorist investigation when Youngblood and sheriff’s deputy Billy Two-Feathers find themselves in the desert of southwest Arizona on the Tohono O’Odham Indian Reservation uncovering a sinister plot to inflict damage on the U.S. government. Racing against time to discover the lair of the terrorist group known as the Midnight Riders, Youngblood and the FBI must thwart the plan before the group can execute its “big event.”

Meanwhile, Youngblood’s adopted daughter, Lacy, asks him to investigate the death of a classmate. Clay Carr, a local all-state football player, has crashed his car and killed his girlfriend. As Clay remains in a coma, Youngblood learns the crash was no accident. Working with his police-detective wife, Mary, he travels through a maze of dead ends trying to find the person responsible.

Juggling two cases is nothing new for Donald Youngblood, who once again proves he is up to the task.

The Donald Youngblood Mystery Series
Books in the series: Three Deuces Down (2008), Three Days Dead (2009),
Three Devils Dancing (2011), Three Deadly Drops (2012), Three Dragons Doomed (2014) and Three Daggers Dripping (2016)


APRIL 2016 Q&A with Keith Donnelly regarding the

Donald Youngblood Mystery Series

******Q Since this is your sixth book, where do you get your plot ideas?

A       Im not really sure.  I start with a mustard seed and it grows into a tree.  All I do is water it.

******Q Why are all the titles "Three D. D."?  And how do you come up with the titles?

A      After Three Deuces Down and Three Days Dead everyone was encouraging me to keep up the
3DD shtick.  I wanted to title the fourth book something else but I was overruled.

******Q What do you think is compelling about this new Book 6, Three Daggers Dripping?

A      It has a wider scope than the other books and its timely.

******Q How did you pick the main location for the series?

A       I grew up in East Tennessee so it was a natural.

******Q Was there any particular person that influenced your interest to write?

A       I always loved reading Robert B. Parker. He was a great storyteller that was stingy with words.  His books were fast paced and bare-boned. Great reads.

******Q Do you write every day?

A      No.  I go for stretches that I do not write but the story is always playing out in my head so that when I sit down to write it pours out; a bird let out of a cage.

******Q How would you describe Donald Youngblood?

A      A romantic with a dark side.

******Q Are you anything like Donald Youngblood?

A       Im probably a romantic without a dark side.  We agree on food, wine and women.  We have only a few friends but they are good ones and we believe that justice trumps the law.

******Q How long do you plan to continue the series, and if so, are you going to drop out some characters or add new ones?

A       I think the series has plans to continue itself and take me along for the ride.  Dropping or killing off characters can be dangerous to an authors health.  Fans are very possessive.  Meeting interesting new characters is always fun but I never know when or how that is going to happen.