Thursday, February 11, 2016

Idgie has moved on... or been made to move on.. :)

A particular social media site which we are all aware of has decided that after 10 years, Idgie is indeed not a real person and shut down her FB profile page.  Okay, I could get hostile about this (Alright, I did a little) but in the end it is simply a piece of internet access that was free.  So the app broke.  Plenty more apps out there.

I still have many ways to keep up with you and vice versa.  Simply take a stroll through the Dew's front page and check out the many ways we can follow each other.

Meanwhile, this is no nail in the Dew's coffin. 

Find Idgie on Twitter, Instragram, the Dew's Facebook Page, possibly Pinterest, on this site right here and email!