Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Wiregrass

The Wiregrass: A NovelIdgie Says:
A slow to build, gently moving story of teen-agers coming of age in a sleepy Southern town during the summertime.  There's angst, anger, concern, young crushes and an unfortunate amount of domestic violence.  

This novel could definitely use some tightening of story line.  It loses plot in the overly rambling descriptions that come before action.

But, for a reader who wants to bring back memories of their own youthful Southern summers, the descriptions might be welcome.

August, 2015
She Writes Press


Nettie has spent every summer of her life in the Southern Wiregrass town of Crystal Springs, Alabama. This year, she hopes the small town’s relaxed pace will give her a break from the unrelenting physical and emotional changes of puberty. But a chance encounter with Mitchell, a seductively handsome yet secretive young man, turns Nettie’s summer plans and her heart upside down. As their relationship grows, Nettie realizes Mitchell is harboring a dark and dangerous secret—one that, when revealed, rocks the core of the sleepy little town and has Nettie and those she loves running for their lives.