Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Summer/Fall 2015 issue of the Southern Reader is here!

The Summer/Fall 2015 issue of the Southern Reader is here!

This is a great quarterly magazine with fabulous writers sharing their stories with us.  Did I mention I might have been published in there once also..................  :)

David Skinner creates all the graphics for this eZine and he does a fantastic job!

So go check out this brand new edition of the magazine!  Link below.


This issue includes:

  • Lisa Love's article about her misadventures with a Christmas tree that wouldn't die.
  • Suzanne Allen's memoir of her college days rooming with UT legendary coach Pat Head Summitt.
  • Billie Martin Dean Buckles' story about her childhood during the Great Depression.
  • A poem by Patricia Neely-Dorsey.
  • Laura Kathleen Megahee's painful "Bad Hair Day" memory.
  • An article about Merle Temple's amazing "A Ghostly Shade of Pale" book tour.
  • A review and excerpt from K.M. Megahee's "Time Enough" Southern sci-fi novel.
  • Chuck Holmes' bittersweet baseball memory, "A Fine Sunday Afternoon."
  • A look at major leaguer-turned-musician Tim Flannery.
  • A glimpse at Diane Rankhorn's upcoming book about Russian Social Realist painters.
  • Ron Burch's memoir about treasured trips to Tennessee Cumberland Mountains.
  • A look at Paradise via a Montana train ride.
Here's the link: