Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moon Over Taylor's Ridge

Moon Over Taylor's Ridge
Author: Janie Dempsey Watts
Publisher: Little Creek Books
Publishing Date: August 2012

Book Description:
Avie, 42, has a mission: take a quick trip to Georgia to settle her father's estate. Too busy to go, her attorney husband, Michael, 50, sends her off with their asthmatic son, Joseph, 13, to keep her company. 

In tiny Taylor's Crossing, Avie settles in but is soon thrown off course by overbearing and meddling family members and her son's fascination with a legendary Cherokee Silver mine. Their search for the silver mine leads her up to Taylor's Ridge and to a new friend, Will. As her stay lengthens, her life begins to unravel even as she begins to blossom and make new friends. 

For the first time in her life, she must learn to stand on her own and find her way. Will she stay with her husband or choose a new love? And how can she hold on to the red land she cherishes?

Idgie Says: 
You can tell that Janie is writing true to her life and place.  The descriptions in the book are far too detailed, including the Avie's son's asthma, to not be something she's lived through.  

This story deals with life.  Life is messy and unclear and sometimes you flounder a bit, unsure of what your next step needs to be.   This is the current state of Avie's life.  There are moments of pain, unexpected hostility and a lot of hidden anger and frustration to be dealt with.  

To top this off a possible deep dark secret that could truly affect her moving forward in life comes to the surface. 

For a slim novel, it packs a lot in there.