Saturday, July 5, 2008

Angel Food Ministries

Thanks, Mahala, for bringing this to everyone's attention.

With locations all over the country, you can preorder boxes of their very low priced groceries ($30, for around $65 worth of food,) then pick it up on the designated delivery day. There is no "eligibility"requirement, nothing to fill out. Income has nothing to do with the program at all. Roll up in your Beemer or ride your bicycle.. everyone is welcome.

For more information, click the link and check the menu for participating locations in your area. You can buy as many $30 boxes as you want and they also have "bonus" boxes of veggies, cookout stuff and meat for anywhere from $16-$20.

I happened to be in the library yesterday and saw a flyer for Angel Food. I have it below. The food choice is actually quite well rounded out.

In today's economy, we can all use a little help at times and this organization will help many family put full meals on their dinner table and send their kids off to bed with full tummies.

Angel Food Ministries