Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ted's Montana Grill "Half Sour" Pickles

Here at the Dew we receive numerous hits on a daily basis where people are looking for information on Ted's Montana Grill's Half Sour Pickles that are served at the beginning of every meal. People love those pickles.

I myself devour them whenever I go to Ted's.

So I thought I would try to provide the Dew readers with a little more information.

I sent a note to Ted's corporate headquarters and received a nice little note back from Lesa Lee at Ted's . It's always nice when a big corporation actually answers your email.

I didn't actually get the recipe for ya'll, but I have a little information for you.

Lisa's reply below:

"Thanks so much for your e-mail. Unfortunately, we are unable to release the “Half Sour” pickle recipe as it is an old family secret recipe. However, I will tell you that Ted’s Montana Grill purchases the pickles in 5 gallon buckets from United Pickle (company in the Bronx , NY). The contact person for United Pickles is Marvin Weishaus and he can be reached at (718) 933-6060."