Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Southern Fall

Fall in the South.


The oppressively hot weather starts to recede. The leaves start to change. Folks who hid in the house to escape to heat are suddenly seen again... walking, BBQ-ing, setting up the decorations for the Fall holidays. The mosquitoes and yellowjackets go away.

The air in the morning is crisp and clean, little droplets of dew on all the branches.

There is the small hope of snow in a few months in the lower regions of the Southern states, and a guarantee of it in further North.

Sadly, the Kudzu does start to die for the Winter and we will look at nothing but brown weedy strands for the next 5 months.

I know people in the other areas of the country sometimes think that the South is all South Florida and we stay warm the entire year (my husband was shocked the first winter here!), but we too have our full seasons, and we cherish them.

Now.... I have to go rake the yard!