Saturday, November 5, 2005


Do y'all eat leftovers at your house? We do cause my southern upbringing taught me to believe it was a sin to throw food away. Remember all those starving children in China? I also remember the whipping I got when I suggested my grandmother send the turnip greens that I hated over to China and let those children eat them.

Anyway, I usually don't worry about leftovers. My hubby takes his lunch to work so that uses up most of the leftover food. And I work from home and eat what's left. Of course, when my boys went off to college, I had to retrain myself and learn how to cook for just two people again. For a while, we had beaucoup leftovers!

But I digress. I have leftovers now that I'm real worried about. I'm talking about Halloween leftovers. An entire gallon size baggie full of little bitty candy bars. I've hidden them in the back of the pantry but even through the closed door I can hear them calling my name.

The first year my hubby and I were married, I bought a big bag of the cheapest candy in the store. We lived in an apartment complex and I figured we'd have lots of kids knocking on the door. When I was a kid, we'd always go to a nearby apartment complex cause that was easy pickin's. You just moved from one door to the next, looked cute and loaded up on candy. I guess kids today haven't figured that out. Or maybe their parents had heard about the wild parties every Saturday night at the complex where we lived. Anyway, I had most of that cheap candy left over. After that, the hubby ordered me to only buy stuff that we'd eat if it was left over. Of course, that was in the days when I could consume a gazillion calories a day and not gain an ounce.

Today I can drink water all day, eat only low-glycemic-index foods and exercise moderately, and I still have to loosen the top snap on my jeans after dinner. *sigh* So those beckoning Halloween leftovers are a real problem. I can't throw them away and I don't think my neighbor would be real thrilled if I offered them to her four kids. She'd probably send them over to my house and let them bounce off my walls when the sugar high hit.

I should go back to buying the cheapo stuff, huh?

Darn my southern upbringing.