Saturday, November 5, 2005

Elvis has Left the Building

....and so has everybody else at Baptist Memorial Hospital on Union. As of 6:45 am on Sunday November 6th, the cornerstone facility of this not-for-profit hospital system will be imploded with thousands watching on local TV stations and on site. When the dust settles, part of the legacy will be given to The University of Tennesse Center for the Health Sciences, with the other part going to the Bioworks Foundation.

Memphis is located in southwestern Tennessee right smack on the bank of the Mississipi River. The city was home to Elvis and company for many years and pilgrims still surround Graceland on special anniversaries. They light candles and sign their names to the massive wall that surrounds the estate, all the while humming their favorite tunes like Blue Suede Shoes. I happened to be on I-240 the day of his funeral procession and I'll tell you was the slowest I've ever seen traffic move on that loop to nowhere.

Lisa Marie was born at Baptist, and Elvis had his own private suite with gold fixtures in the bathroom. He died there, in a cloud of mystery and intrigue that was investigated by medical examiner, Dr. Jerry Francisco. The poor boy from Tupelo made good in the city of Memphis, and they loved him.

When you hear the big "BOOM", sing your favorite Elvis tune out loud.

Photos courtesy of The Commercial Appeal


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Wow! They can't knock it down, it's a Southern Icon! You can't touch anything Elvis touched.


aka_Meritt said...

I had no idea they were doing that. I guess if it 'needed' it and repairs would be too costly, then it must be. Still, it's sad how America knocks everything down and rebuilds instead doing as Europe and embracing our history and buildings. ;)

Alabama said...

Dang, I missed it. I just found ya'll via Purple Penguin. I will now bow my head for a moment of silence and a PRAYER.

Great site and you've been 'rolled at my site. Thanks, this online magazine is greatly needed. I'll visit often.

srp said...

It HAS been a long time since I talked to the folks from Baptist. I didn't know it was coming down. WOW!