Monday, September 16, 2019

Land of Wolves (Walt Longmire Mysteries Book 15) - Review

Hardcover | $28.00
Published by Viking
Sep 17, 2019 | 336 Pages

The new novel in Craig Johnson’s beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series.

Attempting to recover from his harrowing experiences in Mexico, in Land of Wolves Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire is neck deep in the investigation of what could or could not be the suicidal hanging of a shepherd. With unsettling connections to a Basque family with a reputation for removing the legs of Absaroka County sheriffs, matters become even more complicated with the appearance of an oversize wolf in the Big Horn Mountains to which Walt finds himself feeling more and more empathetic.


Previous Review for the Entire Book Series:
Idgie Says:
I was slow to start reading these books, as somehow their absolute awesomeness passed me by.  I met Craig Johnson about 3 years ago and became intrigued with the stories, but still was so busy with review work that I didn't branch out to try books not already on my desk glaring at me to hurry up, read and review. 

My hubby started watching the show about 3 months ago in a delightful binge fashion and I quickly found myself drawn into the characters and plots.  Lots of snarkiness and sarcastic humor, which I happen to love. 

I decided I needed to try one of his books.  I grabbed the first book in the series, The Cold Dish, and was instantly hooked!  The characters, descriptives, flow of the wording... all glorious. I immediately bought the second one after finishing.  I've since been to several book stores and am picking them up a bit out of order as I find them.  The prices have not reduced, not even in the older books, as this is still a top selling series.  

You can read them out of order, but I don't recommend it as there are a lot of background nuances going on that are better understood if you have followed the series as it evolves. I now find myself reading the books and watching the show at the same time.  Of course the show lasted for 6 seasons and there are only 14 books, so while it's similar, it's no longer overlapping. 

I can highly recommend this series and am somewhat glad that I found it late, as I can now binge read instead of impatiently waiting for the next in the series to come out.