Monday, July 22, 2019

Pieces of Her - Now in Paperback!!!


Though this story is filled with twists and turns.... and some sideways motion...keeping you invested in what is truly going on and also why,  the characters themselves aren't very likeable.   

The daughter, Andy, is a mope and after an event in the mall occurs, the mother, Laura, seems to turn on her daughter out of the blue, acting completely out of character.  The rest of the characters are somewhat over the top in their "bad guy" personas.

The events travel back and forth in time between the 80's and current day, slowly bringing to light Laura's past and explaining her current actions.  Laura has a lot of explaining to do to Andy.

The novel starts out with a bang, and then settles into a more leisurely pace, slowly letting secrets drop as the story grows.

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Pieces of Her
William Morrow
August 21, 2018

The #1 internationally bestselling author returns with a new novel in the vein of her New York Times bestsellers Pretty Girls and The Good Daughter—a story even more electrifying, provocative, and suspenseful than anything she’s written before.

What if the person you thought you knew best turns out to be someone you never knew at all . . . ?

Andrea knows everything about her mother, Laura. She knows she’s spent her whole life in the small beachside town of Belle Isle; she knows she’s never wanted anything more than to live a quiet life as a pillar of the community; she knows she’s never kept a secret in her life. Because we all know our mothers, don’t we?

But all that changes when a trip to the mall explodes into violence and Andrea suddenly sees a completely different side to Laura. Because it turns out that before Laura was Laura, she was someone completely different. For nearly thirty years she’s been hiding from her previous identity, lying low in the hope that no one would ever find her. But now she’s been exposed, and nothing will ever be the same again.

The police want answers and Laura’s innocence is on the line, but she won’t speak to anyone, including her own daughter. Andrea is on a desperate journey following the breadcrumb trail of her mother’s past. And if she can’t uncover the secrets hidden there, there may be no future for either one of them.