Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hoover Southern Voices Festival 2018

Andrew Gross, Paula McClain, Kelly Grey Carlisle & Daren Wang, Taylor Brown, Stephanie Powell Watts, Lisa Ko, Lisa Patton

It was another fabulous year at the Southern Voices Festival! Steve Berry was felled by the Flu bug, but Andrew Gross - 3 weeks out of heart surgery!! - was a trooper and stepped in for him to open the literary portion of the festival.

All of the speakers this year were lively and entertaining.  There were great stories shared, inspiring words for wannabe writers and humbling moments expressed. 

Not only did I greatly enjoy listening to all of these authors, but I now want to read all the books that I haven't already.  As usual, the Southern Voices team did a spot on job of finding authors who not only had fascinating novels, but were fascinating themselves.

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Click HERE for Southern Voices website.

Visit the Southern Voices site again in a couple of weeks.  They will put video recordings up of the authors shortly. (Past authors are already there, go check them out!)

Follow THIS link to go to videos.

I missed the music portion of the festival where The Roosevelt's performed, but the art was up all weekend and it was lovely! All of the artwork is shown in the Photo link above.

The Art of a History of Southern Photography

The Roosevelts

The Southern Voices Team - Carrie Steinmehl, Amanda Borden and Theresa Davis