Friday, March 30, 2018

Fantomorphia - Review

Idgie Says:
Okay, I was asked to review an adult coloring book.  I asked if I also had to review whether I could stay within the lines or not.  :)  

These books are a huge rage right now and I know they are supposed to be soothing and stress reducing. This one also adds a "find the objects" challenge which wasn't very challenging but a child might enjoy the searching.  

The pictures are very fantastical and imaginative, but I did find some so busy that coloring those tiny little spaces in between so many lines might take away the stress reducing portion of the coloring.

All together, while hard to actually review a coloring book, I found the pictures fascinating and my fingers were itching to find some fine tipped markers (the heavy duty paper does allow for markers to be used) and spend some time in a cozy chair... coloring - so I would consider the book a thumbs up!

Kerby has several coloring books out there along this same theme, so if you enjoy this one and want more.... they are available!


Mar 27, 2018 | 48 Pages

About Fantomorphia
A fantastic new adult coloring book from the bestselling artist behind Mythomorphia, Animorphia, and Imagimorphia.

An amazing coloring challenge featuring the strange and super-detailed images of artist Kerby Rosanes. Kerby works in intricately detailed black-and-white lines to create creatures, characters, patterns, and tiny elements to form massive compositions of mind-boggling complexity. The book invites readers to complete the drawings and find hidden treasures and creatures scattered throughout its pages.

Fantomorphia is packed full of intricate images of stunning fantastical creatures morphing and shapeshifting into Kerby’s signature, breath-taking scenes. The world that he imagines will excite and transport drawers, as he brings this beautiful fantasyscape and its creatures to life.

Kerby Rosanes

Photo of Kerby Rosanes

About the Author

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes runs the popular Sketchy Stories blog. He works mainly with ordinary black pens to magically illustrate his “doodle” world. Most of his works are characterized by whimsical lines, patterns, characters, and little elements that are spontaneously combined to create massive compositions depicting his everyday experiences or anything that inspires him.