Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New Challenges

I cannot believe that another year for The Dew has been achieved, that time is flying quite so fast.  I started The Dew in 2005 and it's evolved into a slightly different animal several times, finally settling into book reviews and news only, where it has stayed for the last several years.

I have had quite a few challenges with it over the years, mainly too many books received to properly review and the ever-hated "reading slumps" that occur with all of us.

When I combine 30 books on my table at a shot and a painfully apparent complete disinterest in reading....those are the times the challenge became simply continuing to move forward in the review world.
I will take sabbaticals now and again but the fear is always that the publishers will quickly drop you from their lists should you not accommodate them quickly enough or say no too many times. Once dropped from a review stable, it can be difficult to get back on the list.

When I have these times of struggle with moving forward in this book world, that's when you, the readers and authors, help me move forward again.  The readers let me know that my book recommendations were enjoyed and appreciated, and an author will write a book that drags me deep into it's pages and revives the reading spark in me. I have authors who will readily introduce me to other writer's books that I might not have come across yet, opening yet more reading possibilities to me.  I have even had a few authors read and review books for me when I have been overwhelmed.

So I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone in the book world that keeps that spark alive in me and the Dew heading into it's 13th year!

HAPPY 2018!!