Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Space Between the Stars - Review

Idgie Says:
You wake up after 3 days of devastating illness to discover you are alone.  A superbug has taken out 99% of humanity.  It traveled through the stars to all of the outpost planets, meaning the possible 1% of humanity is scattered throughout the galaxy.  How do you feel?  How do you act?

Jamie ran away from her home planet after the loss of a baby.  She left her husband behind.  Now she desperately needs to know if he also perhaps managed to survive.  She must get back to Earth, but to do so she needs to depend on a motley group of people - who don't all have the same agenda. 

The characters in this novel are well fleshed out, fully alive.  Jamie isn't just dealing with the present, she continues to dwell over her past actions.  This isn't a space story, this is a human story with space as the backdrop.


The Space Between the Stars
by Anne Corlett

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