Monday, April 10, 2017

The Writer's Guide to Poetry - FREE DOWNLOAD

The Writer's Guide to Poetry

The poet Dame Edith Sitwell practiced the lost art of lying in an open coffin before writing her poetry. Edgar Allan Poe wrote with his cat "Catarina" perched on his shoulder. We at Signature offer a simpler solution to get your poetic juices flowing.

Whether you're new to poetry, familiar with its form, a connoisseur of its craft, in need of encouragement, or simply wondering how to rhyme mat with cat, the Writer's Guide to Poetry is for you.

In it you'll find:

Insights from 11 award-winning poets.
Advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome.
3 classic poems illustrated by artist Nathan Gelgud.
Anne Lamott on the devils of perfectionism.
Important tips on "telling it slant."
And more.

28 Breathtaking poems to read now!