Monday, November 21, 2016

4 more Judith McNaught Excerpts Available - Don't forget about the Contest!

I have four more excerpts available for Judith McNaught books.  Because of their size, I am asking that you send me an email to and I will gladly email them to you.  They are just slightly too large to put all 4 up at the Dew at one time.

This will NOT put you on any sort of mailing list - as I don't use one for anything!  I will have one more set of excerpts coming out next Monday!

Remember, there is also a contest!
For McNaught-E Cyber Monday (11/28) we will announce the winner(s) of 14 promo codes, one promo code for each title. Enter to win today! You can enter on all blogs on the tour listed below, but you can only win once. To Enter on the Dew, send an email to with the subject line: McNaught-E November Contest!

Reminder:  I have other excerpts available for emailing, plus one online.  Follow the below links to find out more.: