Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Licking Flames - Tales of a Half-Assed Hussy - Review and Excerpt

Idgie Says:
This is a fantastic book of essays.  

I posted on FB that only 2 books had made me almost drown in the bathtub from laughing too hard while reading - and this was one of them.  The essays are all over the place in tone.  Some are heartfelt and wonderful, some are angsty with shocking events revealed, and some are downright raunchy.  I loved them all.  Diana is a type of person I want to hang out with for the evening and discuss life experiences with.  I suspect she speaks in the same manner she writes  - bold, determined, sometimes crass, but still believable, introspective and true to herself.

These stories are great for a quick read and the book is slender enough to carry around for when those small reading opportunities do arise in your busy day.  Or you can drown in the bathtub reading all of them at once.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Click HERE for an excerpt.

Black Bomb Books
December 2016

Available for Pre-Order both eBook and Print now.

Diana Kirk of Portland, Ore., is every girlfriend's adult version of the sneaky kid at school enticing rosy-faced innocents to just "take a drag" from her clove cigarette. And don't you want to because it feels oh...so...good to be bad? Licking Flames: Tales of a Half-Assed Hussy offers a strong woman's spin on contemporary life. Kirk will make you gasp and buckle over in this collection of brash and adventurous essays about travel abroad, friendships, family, sex and working in a man's world, where Kirk makes and breaks her own rules.

From the Chapter "Crush"