Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Seed Apple - Spotlight

Fall book spotlight of a charming historical novel called THE SEED APPLE by Sheldon Greene.
The Seed Apple Book Cover
Due out September 6th, Greene brings back Holocaust survivor Mendel Traig, the lead character from his well-received novel LOST AND FOUND, which was originally published by Random House in 1980. Spiced with magical realism and mysticism, THE SEED APPLE, is a mysterious, funny, moving novel.

While the first book was published traditionally, Greene is publishing the follow up book through his Kinur Pub. this time.


While the Cold War is raging, Holocaust survivor Mendel Traig meets the Binyans, Jewish Indians living in the California desert who claim to be descended from King Solomon’s sailors. Is the fantastic tale of the family’s ancient journey from the disintegrating Mayan culture of the Yucatan to this northern “promised land” true or a myth?

Mendel also meets and falls for Sara Cavanaugh, the engineer responsible for a controversial tower under construction on a sacred site. If completed, the tower will communicate globally with the American nuclear submarine fleet. The Binyan patriarch and his brilliant son are in a generational conflict over the tower and the son’s future.


 Sheldon Greene is the author of the novels LOST AND FOUND (Random House), PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, PRODIGAL SONS, AFTER THE PARCH, BURNT UMBER and TWO LOST TRIBES. He is a San Francisco lawyer with a background of public interest law and an Executive Vice President and Director of Oak Creek Energy Systems,  a Southern California wind energy  developer. Greene also sings bass in the Oakland Symphony Chorus and serves on the Board of the Great Lakes Energy Institute. Visit him on the web at http://www.sheldongreene.com. He is available for interviews.