Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Three Dragons Doomed

The Dew has reviewed several of the books in this series and thought you might be interested to know there's a new book out!

The unique double sequel to Three Days Dead and Three Devils Dancing!

Gatlinburg, Tennessee Donald Youngblood is back. Once again, the hard-nosed East Tennessee private investigator proves he is more about justice and fair play than the law. In his latest adventure, Don,Blood” to his close friends, continues to find trouble as he juggles two cases, one that threatens to get him killed.

Following Three Deuces Down, Three Days Dead, Three Devils Dancing and Three Deadly Drops, the fifth Donald Youngblood Mystery stretches Youngbloods abilities on both his professional and personal sides. Three Dragons Doomed is a not-to-be missed tale of revenge and discovery.
Somewhere outside the small town of Saddle Boot, West Virginia a bulldozer uncovers a long-buried body. Only four living people know its the body of drifter Johnny Cross. But Johnny Cross was not who he appeared to be.
In the early morning hours a few days later, in Mountain Center, Tennessee, a body is dumped in a downtown back alley, a young female dead less than twenty four hours.  Over the next few weeks two more dead females turn up in East Tennessee.   A serial killer with an unusual signature is on the loose.
The only thing that connects these events is Private Investigator, Donald Youngblood. Youngblood knows the identity of the dead body in West Virginia. Furthermore, the dead girls dumped in East Tennessee are a personal message to him from a disturbed serial killer. A new and deadly game has begun.

Keith Donnelly spent years in the New York City publishing world before returning to his East Tennessee roots. In 2009 he retired to write full time. Keith and his wife, Tessa, divide their time between Gatlinburg, TN; Salt Lake City, UT and Singer Island, FL. Donnelly is currently working on the sixth book in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series.

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