Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma

http://jacketupload.macmillanusa.com/jackets/high_res/jpgs/9780765332547.jpgIdgie Says: 
First thing I noticed  was the green print of the book - fun!

This is an interesting novel in that the title makes it sound a little hokey, but it has a true meaning behind it.  Less than a century into the future, environmentalists rule North America.  They hold it with an iron fist, having put Corporate America out of business, placed most of the population on reservations and reverted the land back to nature.  But they do this with a iron fist and death is the most useful punishment for any transgression.  The people dress like they are in the 70s and the rock music of that time rules. 

This is a very political novel - corporations/rebellions/environmentalists/government overthrow - it's all there but with a tidy little twist to it all.

Oh... what's this about mutants from the revitalization of the land and DNA tweaking? 


The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma
Brian Herbert
(son of Frank Herbert - author of Dune)
Tor Books
July, 2014

A revolution has taken over the government of the United States and the environment has been saved. All pollution has been banned and reversed. It's a bright, green new world. But this new world comes with a great cost. The United States is ruled by a dictatorship and the corporations are fighting back. Joining them are an increasing number of rebels angered by the dictatorship of Chairman Rahma. The Chairman's power is absolute and appears strong, but in The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma by Brian Herbert, cracks are beginning to show as new weapons are developed by the old corporate powers, foreign alliances begin to make inroads into America's influence . . . and strange reports of mutants filter through the government's censorship.

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