Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love My Job, I Really Do, but...........

I have one of the greatest jobs in the world - Publishers, Publicists and Authors send me books to read and share with others on a daily basis - really, it's like magic!  I'm so lucky to have achieved a nice level of success with this over the EIGHT years that I've been writing reviews on the Dew.  

But I find that over the last few years I've been running into time management issues with the reviews as I remain a one man show who has been receiving enough books to keep a three ring circus busy.  

I never thought I'd get to the day where I wince when I walk in the door and find a pile of books waiting to find their way to my desk.  But I am starting to do just that - and I surely don't like that feeling at all.

To keep the Dew going without Idgie having a reading breakdown, I have to make a few changes to what I have always demanded of myself. I have decided that if books arrive I haven't had a conversation with the Publisher/Author/Publicist about before hand or I haven't requested, I will no longer feel the self-imposed pressure that I HAVE to review it. 

I'll be happy to give it a shout out on the Dew (which you have seen happen more and more recently) and I might still review it, but no promises.  This isn't tough love to anyone but myself so that I don't wear down and close up shop one day.  

I want to share all of these books with everyone, I just simply can't read them all!