Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Other Lives - Review

Idgie Says:

The main character in the novel is the very unlikable Elliott.  He has a talk show in the vein of Jerry Springer and an attitude that deserves a smacking around. He also has a very useful (at times) talent that he uses to keep his show running well and the people around him unable to take advantage of or surprise him... until he starts losing control of it, making him look a bit insane.

The novel then delves into the world of reincarnation, correcting past wrongs... or future wrongs, and dealing with consequences.

The question remains whether Elliott will come through this intact, or will he, in the end, be a drooling mess living out his days in an asylum.

The end of the novel puts a very interesting spin on reincarnation and how it works.

From the author of The End of the World Running Club comes a bold new take on the reincarnation story. 
How many times have you lived? Once? Twice? A thousand?

Tabloid TV host and playboy Elliot Childs has a secret. He can see into the mind of everyone he meets - a useful ability when you're job is to destroy celebrities on live television.

But when he stumbles upon a hundred-year-old photograph in which he sees himself as a boy, Elliot's gift spirals out of control.

His only hope to retain his sanity lies in the hands of a group of misfits who claim to have lived before, and who know Elliot very well.

Can Elliot discover the secret of the photograph, and of who he really is, before he loses his mind forever?

 Available in the US with Amazon Kindle only at this time.  It will be coming out in paperback in the near future.  Click here to purchase.