Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Open Your Eyes - Review

Idgie Says:
This novel is an interesting tale of writing, succeeding and sabotage in the world of publishing.  

When Leon is accosted in his driveway and suffers a severe head injury that leaves him unable to work, Jane starts to discover many things about her husband, including the fact that they are broke as he never turned in his last book to his agent.  A book he told her was already finished and in the publisher's hands.

I will admit that I found the ending weak, something you can judge for yourself, but the peeks into the world of publishing can be very interesting for those that don't already live in it.


Open Your Eyes
Paula Daly

Haven’t we all wanted to pretend everything’s perfectly fine? Jane Campbell avoids confrontation at all costs. Given the choice, she’ll always let her husband, Leon―a bestselling thriller author―fight their battles. She’d prefer to focus on the good things in life: precious days with her two young children, a steady and loving marriage, their mischievously playful cat Bonita, and her fulfilling job as a creative writing teacher. In Jane’s eyes, life is altogether sweeter than any individual bump in the road.

But when Leon suffers a brutal attack in the driveway of their home, in front of their children, Jane has to finally face reality. Who would commit such a hateful offense in broad daylight? Leon has imagined his fair share of crime on the page, and now this unthinkable violence has landed on the Campbell family doorstep. With her husband in a coma, Jane must open her eyes to the problems in her life, as well as the secrets that have been kept from her. Although she might not like what she sees, if she’s committed to discovering who hurt her husband―and why―Jane needs to take matters into her own hands.

A surprising and gripping thriller of literary ambition and envy, from acclaimed novelist Paula Daly, Open Your Eyes exposes an ordinary suburban family to a shocking act of revenge that irreparably changes their lives.

Grove Press
Grove Atlantic
October 9, 2018