Tuesday, October 23, 2018

American Judas - Review and 3 Chapter Excerpt

Idgie Says: 
This novel is a disturbing tale of religion and government lines not just blurring, but combing fully into an entirely new regime. There no longer is any freedom of religion.  You follow the government religion or you lose your freedom, it's a simple as that.  You can be persecuted, thrown into religious camps, or have your home and lack of fertility invaded and investigated at any time. 

I was engaged immediately from page one in this story and embraced the characters as they struggled to have as much normalcy as possible in their day-to-day lives, while still appearing to maintain the extremely stringent morality laws that now exist in this new dystopian government that encompasses the United States. 

The most frightening part of this novel was that it wasn't necessarily unbelievable.  

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American Judas
Mickey Dubrow
October 23, 2018
SFK Press

Mickey Dubrow’s debut novel is a dystopian tale about a young couple’s life after opportunistic U.S. politicians abolish the wall of separation between Church and State. Seth and Maggie Ginsberg do their best to navigate an oppressive theocracy where fundamental Christianity is the only legal religion, and abortion, homosexuality, and adultery are outlawed. When a co-worker outs Seth as a Jew, Seth escapes to Mexico, while Maggie is sent to a Savior Camp. American Judas mixes political satire, suspense, and family drama.