Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cozy Mysteries from Kensington - all Releasing Today!

It’s Labor Day weekend, the official end of the tourist season, but things are hotter than ever on quaint, historic Mackinac Island, as a TV murder mystery pilot is being filmed among the tree-lined streets, horse-drawn carriages, and fudge shops. Best of all, hunky Hollywood heartthrob Dirk Benjamin  is prepping to play the part of police officer Rex Manning – so he needs to get to know the local business owners, including a flustered but delighted Allie McMurphy.

When Allie and her curious pup, Mal, discover a dead man in the alley way behind The Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop, the murder is definitely not part of the script. The victim’s position makes it clear the killer wanted Allie to find the body. And the note he leaves her is clearly the start of a vicious game of cat and mouse. Drawn into  a chess match with a devious killer, Allie must keep her wits about her – and avoid being distracted by show-biz shenanigans  – in order to outsmart this madman and stop him from killing again!

About the author: Nancy Coco is the byline chosen by popular author Nancy J. Parra for use exclusively with the Candy-Coated Mysteries series. With degrees in engineering, journalism and a MA in Writing Popular Fiction, Nancy has published in cozy mystery, romantic suspense, and sweet western historical romances. An Air Force veteran who rose to the rank of sergeant, Nancy is a member of an on-line group of female veterans who are authors—“Military Women Who Have Turned Sword to Pen.” The group’s website is www.romvets.com. Nancy is also a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. She has given workshops on a number of writing topics and enjoys doing author panels at fan conferences such as Malice Domestic and Bouchercon. She lives in Oregon with her dog—a bichonpoo affectionately known as Little Dog on Nancy’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sherry’s briny cucumbers are selling well at the farmer’s market, but when she cooks in the finals of a local cable TV’s recipe contest, she’s the one who finds herself in a pickle. The beautiful on-air anchor monitoring the competition has been stabbed and the weapon is one of Sherry’s father’s punch tools from his Ruggery store. With her dad in attendance at the cook-off without an alibi, it seems he may be the murderer, but Sherry would rather use catsup on eggs than believe his guilt. She sets out to clear his name with the first task involving uncovering who hated the TV personality enough to leave her more lifeless than overcooked filet mignon...

About the author: Devon Delaney is a wife, mother of three, accomplished cooking contester, recent empty nester and lifelong resident of the Northeast. She has been handsomely rewarded for her recipe innovation over the last twenty-plus years. Among the many prizes she has won are a full kitchen of major appliances, top cash prizes and four trips to Disney World. She has also won the Grand Prize in a national writing contest for her “foodie” poem “Ode to Pork Passion.” The art and skill of writing a winning recipe lends to her ability to clearly organize her words and ideas in print. The popularity of food competitions, like the Pillsbury Bakeoff (which she has competed in 3 times) and TV programs like Chopped (which she auditioned for) and Top Chef, prove the market is currently sizzling for this subject matter. Her goal is to share her unique expertise and perspective through an entertaining cozy murder mystery series.

FERAL ATTRACTION by Eileen Watkins
 Cassie's good friend Dawn is part of an organization trying to protect a colony of stray cats on the property of a senior condo community in Chadwick, New Jersey. The residents have got their backs up over the cat invasion, and Dawn has come to her grooming and boarding shop, Cassie's Comfy Cats, to ask her help in talking sense to them.
Not everyone's against the cats. Eccentric Sabrina Ward feeds them and has even created makeshift shelters for them in the nearby woods, infuriating her neighbors. Following a heated community meeting—in which Cassie and her veterinarian boyfriend come up with a proposal—Sabrina's body is found in the woods. The police are calling her death an accident, but Cassie smells a rat. Narrowing down the list of suspects may be tougher than herding cats, but Cassie is determined to collar the killer before another cat lover has a fatal accident ...
About the author: Eileen Watkins worked for daily newspapers for most of her career, writing and editing stories on fine art, architecture, interior design and home improvement. She also has published paranormal mystery and suspense novels. A confirmed “Jersey Girl,” she prefers older houses, has always shared her home with at least one cat and makes frequent visits to the nearest riding stable. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

When Libby and Bernie Simmons agree to cater a wedding for Natasha and Boris, Susie Katz ‘s two Russian blue cats, the sisters think, it’s weird, but they’ve done weird before.  It’s to be a small wedding, six guests only, but a deluxe one. As the date nears, Bernie and Libby begin to understand why Susie Katz is not well- loved in town. A self-made multi-millionaire, she thinks that her money entitles her to do whatever she wants to whomever she wants.

The day of the wedding dawns and, despite Bernie and Libby’s trepidations, things seem to be going well, or at least as well as can be expected, for a wedding involving a twelve- cat wedding party, not counting the bride and groom. Then someone plays a nasty practical joke as the reception is about to begin and it all goes to hell.  The next thing Bernie and Libby know they’re discovering Susie’s body in the study of her recently renovated mansion.  Now, they must solve her murder and solve it quickly before they’re arrested for interfering with a police investigation. But which of the guests is responsible?   It has to be one of them, since Susie only invited her ‘best enemies' to the party... 

About the author: ISIS CRAWFORD was born in Egypt to parents who were in the diplomatic corps. When she was five, her family returned to the States, where her mother opened a restaurant in Upper Westchester County and her father became a university professor. Since then Isis has combined her parents’ love of food and travel by running a catering service as well as penning numerous travel-related articles about places ranging from Omsk to Paraguay. Married, with twin boys, she presently resides in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, where she is working on the next Bernie and Libby culinary mystery.


MURDER FLIES THE COOP by Jessica Ellicott

After years of seeking excitement around the globe, Beryl Helliwell is certain she has finally found her true calling as a private detective. After all, the thrill of bringing a criminal to justice is unlike any she has ever known. And gallivanting down country lanes in her motorcar following suspects and searching for clues with her best friend Edwina is a lot easier on her aging joints than her previous exploits.

Edwina is less certain their fledgling business is likely to succeed. After all, how much call can there be for private inquiry agents in a small English village? So she is pleasantly surprised when she and Beryl are hired by the local pigeon racing club to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the association treasurer along with the club’s funds and a number of prize birds. But no sooner do they agree to take the case than the missing birds as well as a body appear in the club’s pigeon roost.

But business is slow to start. Finally, the president of the local pigeon racing club hires them to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the association treasurer along with the clubs funds and a number of prized birds. But no sooner do they agree to take on the case than the missing birds as well as the body of the treasurer appear in the club's pigeon roost.

It looks like their first case is over almost before it begins. That is until the wife of the local colliery owner comes to them for help. It seems she was conducting an affair with the treasurer and had given him most of her extremely valuable jewelry to finance a new life for the two of them. She wishes to have it returned to her without her husband discovering her infidelity. Despite the tawdry nature of her request the pair of sleuths reluctantly agreed.

Their investigation into the life of the victim and the disappearance of their client’s jewelry soon takes them into the world of pigeon racing and the complicated relationship between miners at the local coal mine, the colliery owner and the villagers of Walmsley Parva. When the police murder investigation leads to an easy scapegoat, Beryl and Edwina sift through personal grudges, shady financial schemes, and romances gone wrong in order to unmask the real killer.
About the author: Jessica Ellicott loves fountain pens, Mini Coopers and throwing parties.  She lives in northern New England where she obsessively knits wool socks and enthusiastically speaks Portuguese with a shocking disregard for the rules of grammar.
Website: https://www.jessicaellicott.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicaellicottauthor/