Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Scholar of Pain - Review

Idgie Says:
Time to get excited people! Grant Jerkins has a new book of short stories! 

While I adore Grant's novels, his short stories have always been great pieces of writing that you are able to dive right into and absorb quickly in those tiny reading moments we have in today's fast moving society. 

Several of the stories I have already read in other publications, but many were brand new to me. They all have that special "Grant Sick & Twisted" way about them. 

Eula Shook is seriously one of my favorite stories, but there were many others that made my emotional state uneasy enough that you know they resonated. 


March, 2018
ABC Group Documentation/Down & Out Books
 In his debut short fiction collection, A Scholar of Pain, Grant Jerkins remains, as the Washington Post put it, "Determined to peer into the darkness and tell us exactly what he sees."

Here, the depth of that darkness is on evident, oftentimes poetic, display. We meet, and come reluctantly to sympathize with: The office chair-sniffer who only wants to be loved, a bottomed-out cough-syrup addict, a terminally ill school bus driver who takes her young riders on a drunken suicide run, and a cheated-on housewife who discovers her husband's other woman isn't a woman at all, but a...  No spoilers here. Just read it. Read all sixteen of these deviant diversions.

Peer into the darkness.