Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thy Brother's Blood - Spotlight

By Paul H. Yarbrough

Louisiana’s rich history weaves throughout the lives
of the McKinzie brothers, Travis and Forrest.

Their great-grandpa McKinzie left his Louisiana sugar cane plantation to fight and die in the War Between the States. When the war ended, reconstruction, taxes and floods whittled the three- thousand-acre family farm down to almost nothing.

After the mysterious drowning of their daddy and younger brother in the swamp, the two boys turn to their remaining father figures, Paw Paw and the Judge. Now, with the onset of economic depression, Travis and Forrest McKinzie struggle to maintain what’s left of their land and their culture as the industrialized world encroaches onto their agrarian roots.

Covering three generations of the McKinzie family, amidst conflict over civil rights, land usage and foreign wars that take the best of Southern blood, Travis and Forrest cling to their rich heritage as it is stripped from them.

The brothers are people of the land; people who love the land; people who understand the land. And in opposition to outside control and corruption, they are willing to give their lives to the protection of their families and the continuation of their Southern culture.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Print Price: 16.95

Page Count: 281

ISBN: 978-1-937178-98-7


Paul H. Yarbrough is originally from Jackson, Mississippi. For the past forty years, he has lived in Houston, Texas, where he has worked for two oil companies and been an independent consultant in the oil business, mostly as a landman. He is a widower with one grown son who lives in Log Cabin, Louisiana. Paul has published a handful of
short stories, flash fiction and essays in a variety of forums. His first novel, Mississippi Cotton, was published by Wido Publishing in 2011.

His second novel, A Mississippi Whisper, came out from WiDo in December 2014. His new book, Thy Brother’s Blood was just released December 2017. Order your copy at: