Friday, January 5, 2018

Blue Moon Series - Romance Reads Filled with Humor

I always say that to enjoy a good romance book, it needs to have humor in it.  Angst and hot sex on a desk shouldn't be the only content.  Those books tend to lose my interest quickly.

I came upon the first book in this series and decided to give it a read.  When I found myself laughing out loud in public in the middle of the story, I immediately grabbed the other 4 books in the series.

These stories have two strong selling points for me.  One is the humor that overflows through the story, these characters are not afraid to show their human side.  The other is how the characters - all of them - stay intertwined throughout the series.  Some of them actually continue to grow in the books that they are not the stars of. They remain a very tight knit group of people who I would very much enjoy being friends with.

I really felt as if I were just reading one large book that had certain sections center on particular characters.

If you enjoy romance books and you want some humor included, I definitely recommend this series. 

PS - Book 2 is actually my favorite - you'll love "Bucket".