Monday, June 26, 2017

American Static - A review

Idgie Says:
This novel is Pulp Fiction in book form. It starts out with a bang and drags you along for the ride right from the first page.  The writing is excellent and the action is non-stop. 

I recommend this as a fun and furious summer read.

Down and Out Books
June 26, 2017

American Static by Tom Pitts

Beaten and left for dead, young Steven finds himself stranded in a small Northern California town. When a mysterious stranger named Quinn offers a ride, Steven gets in the car and begins a journey from which there is no return.

Quinn has an agenda all his own and he’s unleashing vengeance at each stop along his path. With a coked-up sadist ex-cop chasing Quinn, and two mismatched small town cops chasing the ex-cop, Steven is oblivious of the violent tempest brewing.

Bottom-feeding criminals, corrupt cops, and death-dealing gangsters navigate a dangerous maze to get to the one thing they’re all after: Teresa, the girl holding the secret that will rip open a decades-old scandal and scorch San Francisco’s City Hall. Hand in hand Steven and Teresa lead the mad parade of desperate men to edge of the void.