Thursday, April 27, 2017

Up To No Good - Review

Idgie Says:
This book had an alternate first title, with the words Porn House in the title, which cracked me up, but unfortunately would ban it to the erotica section, so Marsha changed it in the end.  But the original name also shows the humor that is a strong point to this story.

Rachel is bored, frustrated and worried about aging.  She needs to take her mind of of life so what better way than snooping on the neighbors.  Without giving away plot, let's just say things soon go awry .  

Marsha wrote this book with an abundance of sarcasm and wit flowing through the pages and there's nothing I enjoy more than a good sarcastic line.   

A fun read!


Marsha Cornelius
December, 2016

Rachel is about to turn forty and is underwhelmed with her life. Because she and her husband, Brian, work together, they have little to talk about. And the heat between the sheets has definitely cooled. Her only diversion these days seems to be the usual neighborhood gossip. She likes to think she's inquisitive. Brian says she's a snoop. Lately, her nosy nature has escalated. She's gotten it into her head that a house down the road might be used to make adult films. Her clues? The blinds are always drawn, and there are never any garbage cans at the curb. She’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, but if her snooping keeps uncovering unexpected dirt, it may very well be the last thing she ever does.