Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Calamity - Review and Excerpt

Idgie Says:
Consider this book a Western "Coming of Age" story with a twist.  The twist being aliens.  Green ones, grey ones, mean ones and peaceful ones.  Throw in ranchers, cattle barons, Indians, one orphaned teenage girl and you have quite a collection of characters.  

I'm sure there will be some comparisons between the book and the Cowboys and Aliens movie that came out a few years ago, but the characters are dissimilar enough that you soon will move past that.  Plus, these little green men actually stay little green men....but with cowboy hats, dusters and alien six shooters. 

The writing of the dialogue must have been exhausting - it is fully immersed into the Western cowboy vernacular with enough obscure phrasing involved to ensure that hundreds of hours of research went into this novel. From Page One you are in the Old West.

I believe this novel will appeal to speculative Sci-Fi fans...and to the more open-minded fans of the Western genre.

It was a fun read.

Click HERE for an excerpt.

Once on my name was Martha Jane Canary. That’s Calamity Jane to you. And this here’s the story of how the one become the other. And about the Green Man what rode through hell with me to do it.

Long before Calamity Jane scouted with Custer or “Wild Bill” Hickok, she was a fifteen-year-old girl with a fiery temper. But when violence and tragedy turn young Jane’s world upside down, she finds herself riding with an alien gunslinger—the Green Man—through a landscape of revenge and betrayal.

Along the way, she learns how to shoot a six-gun and how to stand on her own, even when surrounded by Lakota warriors. From space ships to guns that can pick off a butterfly a mile away, young Jane realizes that the universe is far bigger than the Wild West and that she can trust no one in it to save her but herself.

When the villainous Grays meddling in the wars between the Indians and the government stand in the way of the Green Man making his way home, Jane finds her desire for revenge may be less than her loyalty for the longrider. And in that realization, she becomes the hero the Wild West has long remembered.

So, forget what you know of how the West was won. Instead, learn the truth of what happened when a young girl met a longrider she called the Green Man…

  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: Heliosphere Books (September 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1937868478