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Love Made from Scratch - Spotlight

Love Made from Scratch
A Coming Home Novel – Book Three
Tori Bailey
Turnip Press Publishing

Available February 14, 2016
Sneak Peak: http://tinyurl.com/hzaskuc

Thomas Song believed his life was good. He was married to his best friend, Dee. They had a beautiful five-year old son, Eli Thomas loved his career as a paramedic and could not imagine being anything else. But, life has a way of throwing curve balls and reminding us nothing is forever.

Solitude was the only neighbor Thomas wanted when he rented the small cabin in the North Georgia mountains. It was the one place where he could escape the constant reminders of Dee, the life they shared, the broken forevers, and the fact his shattered life was his fault. He did not expect to befriend the occupant of the cabin across the stream.
Against her mother’s resistance, Jess Durrington accepted her Aunt Bunny’s offer to move into the cabin. Jess hated being told she could not have a normal life because of her deafness. Tyler had been the first hope at a chance of fulfilling her dreams of being a wife and mother. The news of Tyler being killed in action voided the future she had envisioned. Now, she must fight for her right to raise her unborn son.

Time not only helps us heal, but it reveals unseen journeys. Some call it the Universe. I say it is God reminding us he always has a plan in mind for us. Thomas wished he could see the wisdom in his mother’s words. He had tried his best to return to some semblance of a normal life and focus on raising his son. Instead of finding peace in his decision, the pull of the North Georgia mountains and Jess challenges him to find courage to embrace a new path in his life and follow an unspoken dream he had not realized.

Love Made from Scratch is the final installment of the Coming Home series. It is full of southern charm and exciting plot twist. The recipe Love Made from Scratch had been one of Ethel’s most treasured recipes. She shared it with all her children on their wedding day. The ingredients and directions were guidelines to how to build a relationship on love. Unfortunately, there are those that do not heed the recipe’s instructions on how to remove harmful ingredients such as: jealousy, pride, envy, and selfishness. Love Made from Scratch is a fitting end for the beloved characters of Coming Home.

Available Valentine’s Day – 2017.

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