Thursday, October 6, 2016

Aftermath - Review

aftermath george weinsteinIdgie Says:
Written from the main character's female point of view, this is the story of Janet - a single woman in her 40's who finds herself without a man currently in her life (this terrifies her) and suddenly the owner of practically an entire small Southern town after her father dies. 

Her father, whom she had not seen since she was a small child, employed most of the town and held the residents firmly in his grip.  Few escaped his tight grasp, an exception being the independently wealthy Stephen King type eccentric writer who calls the town home. Even the upstanding Police Chief appears to have been swayed by power and trinkets.

Janet is on the hunt.  The hunt for a man - she really isn't happy not having one in her life -  and for secrets about her father and why he was killed so violently.   

This book has fun, feisty characters and a plot that takes a rather unexpected dark, twisty turn.  I was pulled into the story from the first page and found myself engrossed the entire way. A great  "curl up in front of the fire for the afternoon" read. 

Click HERE to go to George's website, where you can receive a sample chapter of Aftermath.  There are also opportunities to receive a prequel and epilogue. 

Janet Wright left tiny Graylee, Georgia at five, when her mother fled a destructive marriage. Now forty and reinventing herself after a failed engagement, Janet returns as the sole inheritor of her recently murdered father’s valuable estate. Life should be easy, but she can’t resist pulling at the threads of the apparently open-and-shut case. Before long, she finds herself tangled in Graylee’s web of secrets, lies, and scandals—and in fear of her own life.

Deeds Publishing
October, 2016