Thursday, September 29, 2016

Annie Laura's Triumph - Review

Idgie Says:
Annie Laura gave away a baby girl 16 years ago. Now, as she finally has the chance to get to know her, a possible situation that may or may not be true could cause the ruination of the girl's life.  Annie Laura not only feels responsibility toward the girl she never raised, she feels the responsibility to find the truth....before her daughter possibly marries someone completely inappropriate. 

Set in a small Southern town in 1915, this novel has an old-timey storytelling feel to it. The dialogue and flow of the words definitely lends to sending you back in time and place while reading. 

By Chapter 3 you realize there are a LOT of secrets in this town and several of them need to be told before people can move forward with their lives.


Annie Laura's Triumph
Mercer University Press

In 1915 Grassy Glade, Florida, just across the bay from Panama City, Annie Laura's birth daughter, Viola Lee has a good life. She keeps house while her adoptive mother runs a successful dry goods store, and is the apple of her adoptive father's eye. She is only a week away from her dream wedding-the church is ready, and the dress is nearly complete. But things begin to unravel when her fiancĂ©, James, does not return from his lumber camp deep in the piney woods of North Florida. 

A stranger interrupts Viola Lee's long-awaited and much hoped for reunion with Annie Laura, revealing a secret that could threaten Viola Lee's happily ever after. Despite struggles of her own, Annie Laura must go on a harrowing quest to right past wrongs and uncover the truth about James. 

 Milinda Jay has created a vivid cast of characters in this story of tragic family secrets, love, longing, redemption, and ultimate triumph.