Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rise the Dark - Review

Idgie Says:
Michael's books always contain a fine balance of suspense, mystery and otherworldly tinges.  This book does not disappoint in that regard.  

Markus goes back to his past life to attempt to discover why his wife was murdered, while at the same time hunting her murderer with plans for revenge.  His hunt leads him to an entirely different mystery involving dangerous crackpot extremists and a couple being manipulated to do some extremely dirty work. Somehow these extremists seem to have something to do with not only his wife's death, but also the family that he left behind years ago. Throughout the entire book voices in his head help guide his actions.  None of this does he understand.  He is working on instinct, voices and clues that fall into his lap.

There are quite a few mysteries in this novel that are not resolved by the last page and the story line is left wide open for a sequel.  

I will happily grab that sequel to read if it comes to fruition.

Little Brown and Company
August 16, 2016